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Tyler John Hartman is an Oregon-based folk and alternative rock songwriter.

New Album Out June, 2024!

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The End of the Roar is here!

Listen below, or head over to the music page, OR head on over to your streaming site of choice, and listen to the new album now! 

This is now the 6th album of original material that I've released over the course of these last three years (I count my first album "Mill Ends" as a "demo album," as I had no idea what I was doing when I was recording that, but technically it counts) and this album is definitely my most personal to date. It has songs about joy, songs about heartache, and of course songs about spooky things. I hope you dig it. 

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Dad Camp: Volume 2!

"Dad Camp: Volume 2" is here! Go listen on your favorite streaming service, and then purchase a copy on the Music page, or over on my Bandcamp page, so we can support Milk Crate Kitchen! I had a lot of fun making this record. I hope you like it.

This year we are partnering with Milk Crate Kitchen, based out of Portland, Oregon. All streaming and sales proceeds from the album will be donated to MCK throughout 2023.
Milk Crate Kitchen provides no-cost meals to those in need. The organization remains 100% community-supported since its inception in May 2020: volunteer-run and donation-funded.  To this date, the organization has supplied over 3,000 family meals, each at zero cost to them, in and around the Portland area. Each family meal feeds up to 4 people, making that a total count of over 12,000 individual meals.  The families served come from a diverse social, racial, and economic backgrounds including but not limited to: low-income, students, single parents, elderly, disabled, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+.
Donate directly and learn more here:

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